Who We Are

We are the ECI Group. For over 50 years, we’ve continued to grow as a fully integrated developer, builder, and manager of multi-family real estate. Our experienced teams are composed of carefully selected experts that take a hands on approach to virtually all stages of the process. Our mission is to continue to work together as one company with a common purpose, Building Communities, Enriching Lives.

Our presence extends across the Southeastern United States. From the likes of VA & Maryland to Louisiana & Texas, ECI’s commitment extends across state lines.


ECI Group’s Journey

Our Story

The ECI Group’s journey began in 1969. Our founder, Henry Hirsch, had a vision and a drive that would result in something truly special. Henry wanted to build something that would last a lifetime. It was about more than profit; he wanted to leave behind a true legacy. He would go on to achieve that, establishing a strong foundation that stands today as strong as ever.

At the start of the ECI Group we could count the number of associates we had on one hand. We developed and instituted consistent, respectable business practices and quality real estate development/management. That associate number would eventually grow to an impressive 300+! We have the privilege of creating homes that people want to live in, giving them memories that last a lifetime.



Since the beginning, our founder established a commitment to a stringent work ethic. No one was granted immunity from Henry Hirsch’s standard of effort. Our combined knowhow and commitment to results is one of the main reasons for our longevity. Decades later, and our effort and hard work continues to produce real results.

Combined with this work ethic is a strong list of talent. ECI prides itself on a stellar institutional hierarchy. Our leadership and subsequent support system is made up of extensive relevant experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

At the ECI Group, we cherish inclusion in our ranks. We recognize the value in a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and cultures. We’re always seeking new opportunities to strengthen this area. We aim for the diversity of our company to mirror that of the communities we serve!

Regardless of race, gender, age, etc., ECI welcomes all. Our inclusion efforts span amid all backgrounds and identities. We seek to acknowledge and exalt the things that make us all unique. No matter who you are, you can be comfortable walking through our doors.



“Being able to help people find homes is very special. To be able to give stability to people as they walk through different seasons in their life, is really important and rewarding.”

These words from one of our ECI Community Managers ring the truest about the ECI Group. It says a lot about a company when you have so many long-term associates that continue to learn and grow with the company. At the same time, we’re constantly expanding, adding new roles and talent to our teams regularly to achieve our goals. That rich history includes a work environment that champions uplift across the ranks.

At the ECI Group, we take everyone’s strengths and strategically position them towards our common goal. From development, to construction, to management, we work side by side, holding each other accountable. As a result, we’re planning for the next 50 years and on, still providing apartment homes with excellent service.