What We Do

At ECI, we pride ourselves on our fully integrated infrastructure. We take part in all aspects of multi-family real estate development. This includes the development, construction, and management of our communities. Our skilled team’s focus is to provide quality homes and an enjoyable living experience!

As our motto implies, our top priority is to build communities and enrich lives. To us, the only true win is when everyone wins. Read on to learn more about the ECI Group!


The ECI Group is well rounded, with a depth of expertise that includes various regions and property types. Our developments include garden-style, mid-rise, and high-rise properties. These are in both suburban and urban markets. They’ll span the Southeastern United States, from Maryland, all the way to Texas.

We’ll continue fortifying our foundation as we grow. We use strategic planning to position ourselves towards growth and success. With over 50 years of experience in the field, we look forward to the next 50 years of development.


One of the keys to a successful project is an effective construction plan. Although we welcome partnerships, we also believe in self-sufficiency. We use an in-house contractor for our properties’ various infrastructural needs. This assists heavily with cost and quality control. Duties range from refurbishment to basic structural supports. We focus on design, trends, market experiences, and the overall product.

We seek solutions that address current and future needs. Having an in-house contractor guarantees consistency, price stability and straightforward results. This also ensures constant access to accurate construction records. The ECI group seeks solutions that address current and future needs.

Property Management

Once constructed, we stick around for the property’s day to day management duties. This includes boots-on-the-ground facilities and asset management, as we continuously seek to enhance the living experience of our residents. We add value to our communities using cutting edge technology, amenities, and lifestyle programs. We search out the newest and most efficient education and operational tools to manage efficiency.

We attribute our longevity to our customer centric approach, and will continue to put our residents first. We are committed to operating, maintaining, and improving the community while providing a great service to our residents. 


ECI has been active in the acquisition market for more than 20 years. We have expanded our efforts to more aggressively identify and execute acquisitions in our strategic footprint. Our investment criteria range from value-add opportunities in both suburban and urban locations to newly constructed assets in growth corridors. 

The acquisition team brings a seasoned group of professionals to evaluate and examine assets in an expedient and proficient manner working alongside our property management team. Our team brings decades of experience to the due diligence process including market research, lease and file audits, revenue and expense assessments, and potential upgrade packages. 

Using ECI’s in-house construction personnel, the team can  quickly and accurately assess an existing project and estimate the costs of any upgrades needed to optimize the investment opportunity. ECI is well positioned to execute quickly and efficiently as opportunities arise in the market.