Career Development


Strategic. Training. Achieves. Results.

We offer a strong growth mindset here at ECI Group. Our goal is to help our associates reach their professional goals. We instill a learning culture where there’s something to be gained each day throughout your journey.  

We foster a learning path for every role in our business. All you need is the will to learn and we guide you in the rest!  We never stop learning, growing and enhancing our platforms.  Below is a brief overview of some of our featured programs. 

S.T.A.R. Partner Program

This is a vital part of the ECI Onboarding program. We match up a new associate with one of our Onboarding experts in their role. Over the first 60-days, the new associate spends in person mentoring and ongoing weekly training. This relationship helps the new associate to be comfortable in their role and creates long lasting peer to peer relationships.


Our Education Platform blends in self-paced learning with ECI Instructor Led Classes. The Online Catalog offers learning on all levels of soft skills training to operational, leadership and sales team. This provides a strong curriculum program for each role in the field and in the organization.

S.T.A.R. Leasing

At the ECI Group, we have our own sales recipe for success. We combine the most innovative tools with technology and emotional intelligence. ECI’s Leasing Series is an education suitable for both beginners and the advanced tenured associates. It is more than just a Sales Course; it is ECI Exceptional Service Experience.

Five S.T.A.R. Customer Experience Program

As our guests enters our doors , we hold our associates to the highest customer service standards. Our Customer Service training is unique, and we set ourselves apart from competitors. We also practice this in daily interactions with our colleagues. The success is in the details. We conduct business daily with the expectation of providing a great experience in all that we do.…and for all people we interact with internally and externally.

S.T.A.R. Leadership Program

The STAR Leadership program is a course that involves 2 months of education. It is a blended series with weekly live instruction. There’s also on-site application, self-paced assessments, and online learning. You will graduate this program leading at a higher level and experience the results of a strong team culture.

S.T.A.R. Maintenance Program

We know that most training requires hand-on learning for our service associates. Our Director of Facilities leads the way in providing, HVAC, Punch, Resident Orientation and Service Manager Quarterly Meetings. We also partner with outside facilities to provide innovative training to stay apprised of new processes. We offer hands-on, in-person, and virtual settings, along with self-paced online learning, and a variety of support for our associates throughout.