The ECI Group is committed to offering our residents the best in multi-family real estate. We’ve been diligent in our planning, and our proposed methods will ensure that we reach our goal. Our presence is already very prominent across the Southeastern US, and we are continuing to grow!

We will leverage resources and funding from capital partners for our development pipeline. Learn more about ECI below!


The ECI Group is a leader in multi family development. We’ve developed, built, and managed over 25,000 units. across 40+ markets nationwide. We maintain a nationwide development track record, with local investment expertise. We’re led by a team of visionaries, with time-tested expertise.

We maintain a commitment to quality through our vertically integrated approach. This has earned us a growing base of long-term investors and collaborators. Our partners and residents value our ability to create thoughtful living experiences.

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Our Approach

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Our properties reflect the surrounding area’s cultural identity, design aesthetic, and demand. We work with world-class designers, architects, interior designers, and artists.

This creates exceptional new residential communities. We create unique, engaging communities that create lasting bonds in our residents.

Through this unique combination, we deliver returns to our partners and financial participants. We stand out with creative design, construction, and a detailed approach to development.

We leverage our financial acumen with our in-house management team. This optimizes project performance by adjusting to the changing demands of prospective residents. We balance economic demands with the politics of the entitlement process. We capitalize on this via market research, due diligence.

Our Portfolio

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Our team of experts are available to offer support and answer any of our partners’ questions.

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