ECI Realty, Inc. is the brokerage arm of ECI Group. Through ECI Realty, brokers can identify potential new and existing properties, negotiate the best terms for our clients to purchase, and then market and dispose of assets when appropriate. ECI Realty gives ECI Group the ability to be a full service real estate organization by allowing ECI Group companies to start and complete the full cycle from the initial identification stage to the disposition phase of an asset. Our thorough understanding of the underlying marketing conditions and innovative ways to create demand for the asset adds to the strength of ECI Realty. ECI consults on the acquisition and deposition of all assets so that they perform profitably at each state in the life cycle. Our clients have come to rely on our knowledge and expertise. We are continually rewarded through repeat business and numerous referrals. In many cases we have assisted our clients in the acquisition of an asset and after years of consistent returns, we have assisted in the disposition of these same assets.

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