We recognize that our success is a result of our constant focus on our core values of EXCELLENCE, COMMITMENT and INTEGRITYFrom these values, we have developed systems and processes that drive profitable performance. We have invested in technology that offers convenience for our residents and real time reporting capabilities for our clients. We realize that technology cannot replace the actions of highly motivated and dedicated professionals responding to the needs of a customer therefore, we place a special emphasis on recruiting, selecting, training and retaining team members that share our common philosophy.

The complexity of the marketplace offers customers and clients more sophisticated choices than ever before. ECI is sensitive to these realities and strives to provide proven solutions with a focus on intensive service that goes beyond a simple “transaction."  We have invested the time and resources to understanding the essential elements necessary for meeting the customer’s needs.  Over the decades we have found three common themes are critical to client satisfaction: Being knowledgeable, responsive and accountable.


With over 150 years of combined experience, our senior leadership team has successfully managed real estate in all economic cycles. We know real estate and have the unique capabilities to tap into resources that have been in place since the very beginning of our business. From new construction to rehabilitation ECI has the internal expertise to effectively market and manage a diverse portfolio. We have a support team devoted specifically to assisting on‐site teams with special projects and can assist in the stabilization of an asset.


The current speed of business is unprecedented and the access to information is no different. We pride ourselves in investing the resources to respond to the customer in a way that is both timely and personal. Our systems allow for the tracking of information and a communication process that is focused on giving our clients personalized service.


Our business model may have increased in sophistication but one aspect that has remained the same is our high level of accountability. Our business started from one person’s vision to create quality communities and has grown because of a strong,  dedicated commitment to do what is right and to be accountable to our investors, our employees and our residents.

ECI strives for EXCELLENCE, COMMITMENT and INTEGRITY from each of our stakeholders and by defining this expectation early on, we have been able to grow and offer our expertise to those who are like minded and want to achieve the same level of success.

ECI Management